Cannabis Oil – The Whys and Hows

There is much information as well as misinformation about cannabis oil. I would like to dispell any misinformation and provide you will the truths that I have come to know. The cannabis oil that I am referring to is an extract from cannabis buds. The oil is achieved by washing the resin from the plant cannabis oilmaterial. Cannabis oil is remaining after the solvent used to wash the material is boiled away.

I found a lot of information on oils produced from cannabis and hemp while doing my research. Most dispensaries have an oil, some even carry  diluted versions called tinctures. I found a video called “Run from the Cure” by Rick Simpson. This video is an eye opener and is full of information. His personal testimonies as well as from other people who used his version of extract. 

I have heard many opinions about cannabis oil. You may have heard a fair share of them yourself. The truth that I have come to understand is that the oil if made correctly is better for ingesting than smoking. The oil can also be used in vaporizers. So for those who need to use cannabis for respiratory issues, there are no carcinogens from the burning carbon material. The key is to wash the cannabis material completely. Remove the solvent, and never allow the solvent/oil mixture to get too hot.

Why do it yourself

Some concerns may be not knowing what was used to make the oil. Also the unknown of what solvent was used to make the oil. I was even cautioned about the possibility of overdosing. First of all let start by saying, that if you make your own oil you have ruled out the first two concerns. You know what plant material and what solvent was used. To make the oil for yourself is a simple process and you probably already have the tools needed. I am not a Doctor so I am in no position to tell you what to do or how much to take. I can only say that if a smaller amount is taken to start a couple of times a day the body tends to build up a tolerance to it. That is not to confuse tolerance with resistance. The endocannabinoid receptors already in your body will get used to absorbing the cannabinoids in the oil.

I have included a video for you. It is a little over 20 minutes in length but will give you some verification to this post. I hope that this information will give you some help in your journey. If you should have any questions unanswered, please comment below and I will respond usually within 24 hours. Also, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. If your state is still not allowing medicinal cannabis, contact your state legislators. We all need to keep on our federal congressional legislators. Cannabis is God given and not man made!


4 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil – The Whys and Hows

  1. Hey,

    Awesome info! In BC where I moved from, if you have back pain, sleeping issues, headaches, etc., it it possible to get a prescription for medicinal marijuana in pretty much any form.

    I was in an accident and ended up getting a compression fracture in my lower L-4 L-5 vertebrae. In BC I found a product called “Sativex” which is a tincture. When I went to the doctor here in Iowa because it is illegal here to consume marijuana, even for medicinal purposes, the doctor wanted to prescribe me muscle relaxers, pain killers, and sleeping pills instead.

    So I just deal with being in constant pain because I am not into pill addictions 🙂 It’s pretty frustrating that something 100% natural is not legal to use where I live! I appreciate people like you sharing positive information, as I hope it helps shift people’s perceptions in a positive way!

    Thanks again,


    • Thank you Joy,
      Your comments are much appreciated. I hope that by sharing this information people will take a proactive stance and start contacting both state and federal legislators. That is the only way to get the laws changed.

  2. My Story .
    As a natural born skeptic, I spent countless time and energy researching all the available treatment options aside from what my oncologist recommended. I was DETERMINED to cure my cancer, and knew there was something out there after witnessing a number of people who not only survived, but thrived and went on to live fulfilling lives cancer-free. In addition to reading about Rick Simpson Oil, and watching the Run From the Cure video, I also spoke with people who had actually used the oil, and it was shocking to hear one after another how effective this medicine really was. I just couldn’t believe there was a cure out there and how wrong it was that this information is not being shared with the public!
    Treatment Regine:
    I have a pretty big tolerance for marijuana, so I started off with a full grain of rice sized amount of oil instead of a half grain. I gradually increased the dosage every night until I reached a full gram each night. The standard protocol for Rick Simpson Oil is ingesting a total of 60 grams over the course of 90days which is 3 months, but I had 80 grams in total for safe measure. I used the excess as a topical skin care treatment, attacking the visible brown spots on my face and neck.
    3 months later, my cancer was in full remission. Within 4 months, I am cancer-free and officially received a clean bill of health from my doctors. What they don’t know is that the majority of my treatment was using the Rick Simpson Oil. I did use some of the medication they prescribed, but it was in combination with the oil.
    I am elated I want to continue sharing with people who are experiencing what I went through that there is absolutely hope and a cure out there. They just need to be proactive and aggressive with treatment, not wait until it is too late.
    In addition to being an effective cancer fighter, there are some nice side effects that come from using the Rick Simpson oil, for instance, I no longer need to take any pain killers. Just one or two drops of the oil will ease the pain and help you sleep like a baby. Best of all, its natural . . . Thanks to all the staff at Amsterdam’s Garden who guided me throughout this journey. You guys are awesome!.

    • Thank you Emil,
      I appreciate your comments and story. It is reasons just like this that I had to create this information website. Please share this site with others so that we can get the true understanding of cannabis to the world.

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