CBD Is Schedule 1, Is This a Joke

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) claimed that Cannabidiol, CBD is Schedule 1, a controlled substance! Who is kidding who? An article in the Miami Herald May 3 2018, stated that the DEA wanted a clarification that CBD is a controlled substance. The DEA claims that the extract comes from marijuana which is a controlled substance. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a Federal court sided with the DEA. The Hemp industry is up-in-arms because CBD is also produced from the hemp plant.

Beside Myself

CBD is Schedule 1I am so beside myself right now. I am trying to maintain composure so that I can relay this information to you with accuracy, CBD is found in hemp and has been very beneficial to help control certain symptoms. There are no psychotropic effects with CBD, the same as with an aspirin. Many people who need the whole plant extract from Indica cannabis have settled for CBD so that they did not have to worry about the legal issues. Now that this is placed before them, what choices are left? There is but one choice, pharmaceuticals.

Getting the Picture

Is the picture starting to form here for you? I certainly hope so. Big Pharma has reached an even lower low. But to me, it is crystal clear just how much influence the pharmaceutical companies have on our lawmakers. We constantly see how pharmaceuticals are destroying lives. Yet, because of the huge amount of money made, they are still allowed to continue. I hope that you will join me and contact your federal congresspeople to let them know just how mad you are. The link is below if you do not know who your Representatives are.

Let your Government Know

Please, I urgently request that you join with me in an effort to let our government know that we want the medication that God gave us without all the bureaucratic red tape. Even with states that made medicinal cannabis legal, the expense is so great that many can not afford it. Again, their only option is pharmaceuticals. For a few dollars for seeds and solvent, I can produce enough whole plant extract to last the year and for many, save their own lives.

God bless you in this life and the next!


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