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How to use medical cannabis is a question that many people have. The question is a very good one because of some preconceived misconceptions of marijuana or cannabis. Smoking the dried herb is the most common method. Ingesting the herb in different medias is another good way to get the medicine into your system. Sublingual use of the oil has advantages as well. Topical application is yet another means. Last and certainly least popular is in a suppository.


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Smoking cannabis either in a hand-rolled cigarette or pipe of some kind is more likely the most used method. Many consumers are concerned about the carcinogens in the smoke. The smoke clearly has carcinogens such as benzopyrene and benzanthracene. It is believed that the cannabinoids in the whole plant product of cannabis tends 
to offset the potential danger.
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Vaporizing can be done with the dried herb or the oil. Vaporizing uses less heat and eliminates the carcinogens of the burning carbon. There are many types of vaporizers and each offers their own benefits. There are units that hold a single hit dosage and those with a much larger capacity.

Inhaling either the smoke or vapor seems to get the results quickest. Inhaling is used for various respiratory issues. My opinion is that smoking is less expensive but the cannabinoids that are offsetting the carcinogens are no longer able to fight the medical reason for taking the medicine.

How to use Medical Cannabis by Ingesting

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We (I) grew up hearing about magical brownies. Edible products with cannabis in them is becoming a very popular source. Edibles are be produced with both the bud material and the oil extract. No longer is the brownie have the corner market on edible products. Marijuana can be used to make nearly anything that you or I would consume. I recently read an article about someone that made wine out of cannabis. I do not believe that I would recommend the alcohol with the cannabis. A growing concern with the edible line of marijuana is the attraction to younger children, just beware. The effects take somewhat longer to manifest but also seem to last longer.

Sublingual use of the oil can be very effective. Cannabis oil administered under the tongue will get the cannabinoid medication into the blood stream bypassing the acids in the stomach. Caution is advised on your dosage amount. Any way that you ingest marijuana will deliver the medication to your system.

Topical Application

Certainly, the easiest way to apply cannabis topically is to rub the oil extract to an affected area. The medication will be absorbed into the skin and do what it should do. The growing number of dispensaries carry a variety of creams, balms, and salves.

Suppository Use

We are talking about medical conditions and situations here. This is not the favored means to deliver the medication I am aware. However, we must be concerned with getting medicine to the needed area as quickly as possible. I am not a doctor so I can not offer medical advice. You and your health advisor can discuss whether this would be effective for you or not.

In summary, inhaling gives nearly instant results with a shorter duration period. Edibles can be easier to take. The effects take longer but last longer as well. The Sublingual method works quickly but may have some bitter taste depending on the oil. Topical application can give direct delivery of the medicine to a needed area. That leaves the suppository method. The purpose of this site is to help inform you the reader about medicinal cannabis. How to use medical marijuana is up to you. To your health and may God bless you.

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14 thoughts on “How to Use Medical Cannabis – No Misinformation

  1. Hello BBrandt, I like your site. Looks cool.
    Thank you for the information about how to use medical marijuana. Now I am getting to know why so many people I come across taking marijuana don’t want to leave it.
    When I ask why they do take it, they tell me it is for healthy reasons but have never explained as you have.
    I actually did not believe them because they would do certain staffs after inhaling staff.
    Sometimes I just ask myself, why a good thing that can help solve healthy issues again affect them in a different direction that is not good to them
    Is there a way that they can be used for good alone in future?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mariam,

      Thank you for your comments. If I understand your question correctly, there is really no way to stop people from abusing anything. A good friend of mine (who is a Doctor) said to me, “I can help cure a lot of things but I can not fix stupid”. It is unfortunate that people find all kinds of things to abuse, including other people. God bless you. Bruce

  2. I thank you for listing all the different types of ways to administer medical marijuana. I’m thinking that this wonder of nature can fix all sorts of illness that we suffer from.
    What kind of diseases can marijuana help benefit people live better lives?
    Kind regards, Jeff.

    • Thank you for stopping by our site. The truth of the matter is that we have no idea yet as to the extent of illnesses and issues the cannabinoids can help alleviate. Rick Simpson said it best, “try it and I dare you to tell me what it won’t help with.” The no toxic side effects, there can be no harm in trying the natural herb instead of pharmaceuticals. Bruce

  3. This was really useful to read. Cannabis was just legalized in our country; although my friend has been smoking it recreationaly for years. I feel better knowing that he can’t get in trouble for it now, but I’ve always wondered about ways to get it in your system. He’s recently taken up vaping (as an alternative to his cigarette addiction) so he is going to try vaping the cannabis. He uses it mostly for his depression; not that I know anything about this doctor stuff; but I wonder if this stuff would just make depression worse?! :/

    • Dear Mei, You don’t need to be concerned for your friend. People that use cannabis are far less likely to suffer from depression then someone that drinks alcohol. Thank you for visiting and please share this website to your social media.


  4. Hello here. I am interested in cannabis as one of many Nature’s gifts. Once I heard lesson during TED session about cannabis influence to brain. The author was JokÅ«bas Ziburkus. He is the researcher and scientist. He is so passionate about cannabis that I started to look for information too.
    My friend once ate all candies sent from Colorado. Her son ordered and did not tell her. Inside was some of cannabis. Of course she ate to many of these candies. She did not feel well.
    If I would use, I would like the oil application. It is easy to use.
    It would be great that people would use more of cannabis compare with chemicals. Maybe some day it will happen.
    All the best spreading information about cannabis, Nemira.

    • Thank you, Nemira,

      My goal is to spread the truth about cannabis but it is tough fighting the government’s lies for all of the past years. I like to think that we are making progress though. Please help our cause and share this website.


  5. I live in Jamaica and cannabis here is really only mentioned for casual or religious use. So the most common means are smoking, eating in goodies like brownies or drinking tea.

    Thank you for sharing this info. It’s important that people understand that it really does have significant medicinal value and its not just for kicks.

    • I appreciate your comments. I believe that people need to know the facts as they are learned and discovered. Cannabis has been found to be beneficial in curing more and more diseases all the time.

  6. There plenty of “funny” things going now, especially after November. What we can do just inform people , provide facts, feedbacks. It will work sooner or later.
    All the best, Nemira

    • Thank you for visiting this website. You are right in that in that by providing the factual information, it will come around by popular demand.

  7. I don’t like smoking it for sure. Using a vape is a lot better…healthier. I had edibles, definitely a stronger effect, but was nauseous the entire time. It might be because of the amount consumed (gummies), might try it again, but less. Never tried topicals before, but should be interesting to see how it works.

    • Thank you Dave for the comments. My first dose taking it orally made me nauseous as well and that was because I too took too high a dose. I had to work my way up to the suggested 1 gram per day over a few weeks. The results are incredible!

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