Legal Medical Cannabis

We need legal medical cannabis. We know from all the testimonies that medical cannabis can save lives. Lives that traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals can not help. Yet many states in the United States, the Federal Government of the USA, parts of Europe and countless countries around legal medical cannabisthe world still deny or restrict it’s citizens this God given herb. You may question, as I did, how do we get legal medical cannabis. While it may be simple it is far from easy. 

How Do We Do It

The basic idea to getting any law changed is to let your governing body know what you want. That is when it becomes harder. Some counties do not allow for the citizens to voice their opinion. Some lawmakers don’t listen to their people. However, wherever you may live the rule still applies. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The reason that the laws are as they are is that the large pharmaceutical companies create the loudest squeak. To change the laws, we as a whole need to make such a noise that our governing bodies can not ignore. 

This will require contacting your local and federal legislators. We have the ability to contact these lawmakers like never before. Writing letters is still a very viable method. Most offices have telephones with message takers that we can leave word. But in this day and age, we have the internet that gives us the capability to send emails. Remember that slogan, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We must be relentless in sending messages, not once but until our voice is heard and recognized.  

You see, large pharmaceutical companies do not want you or me to be able to cure your own illnesses. Their intent is to “treat” the illness thus creating a residual income from your and my sufferings. The amount of monies directed to researching for a cure would end the minute that a cure is found. Therefore no cure will be found only a relief. This provides false hopes that continued contributions will someday reveal a cure. These pharma companies have lobbyists that are in the faces of our legislators. They are even donating large sums of money to keep their interest on

Your Homework for Legal Medical Cannabis

legal medical cannabis - lawmakersMaking medical cannabis is important to all of us. You will need to do some homework to locate the names, numbers, addresses, and emails for your government officials. I can tell you from experience that before the state of Pennsylvania legalized medical cannabis, my state legislators got to know me by my first name. This is the kind of noise that I am referring to. 

I have provided links for you to locate your state and federal legislators in the USA. Unfortunately, I did not research for other countries. Contact the and let them know that you want legal medical cannabis. As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the space below. I hope this has helped you. To quote Mr. Spock, “live long and prosper”.


To find out who your state legislators are, click on the link below.

To find out who your federal legislators are, click on the link below.


2 thoughts on “Legal Medical Cannabis

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Great job on this post. I have read various sites about cannabis for medicinal purposes. A couple of years back I read a story of a 3-month baby who had a brain tumor and parents did what they could to get help from a doctor at a separate state where cannabis was legal.

    the baby was treated for three months, after three months he was doing well and recovering. (I don’t remember the link)

    It’s sad and makes you angry at the same time that the pharmaceutical companies are more interested in the money rather than helping people.

    I’m bookmarking this site to come back for more information. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a pleasant day!

    • Thank you Rosa,

      I appreciate the comments. I hope that we can count on you as well to contact your legislators. They need to know that this is serious medicine. I am glad to know that you will come back!


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