States with Medical Cannabis on 2016 Ballot

The states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballot are increasing. More people are becoming aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis and are getting their legislators to support them. Not only is marijuana being recognized for its medicinal qualities but also for being less harmful than originally believed. Help support these states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballot.

arkansas states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotArkansas has the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, Issue 7. A competing measure, though much smaller, is Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment Issue 6. Issue 7 sets forth a statewide program for the licensed production, analytic testing, and distribution of medicinal cannabis. Under the program, patients diagnosed by a physician with one of over 50 qualifying conditions may obtain marijuana from one of up to 38 licensed non-profit care centers. Qualified patients who do not have a center operating in their vicinity will be permitted to obtain a ‘hardship certificate’ in order to cultivate their own medicine at home. Currently, polls indicate that 68% of voters approve of this Issue. Issue 6 reduces the number of qualifying conditions and would disallow home cultivating.

florida states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotFlorida voters will find Amendment 2 on the 2016 ballot. This amendment is called Use of Marijuana For Debilitating Conditions. The passing of the amendment would permit qualified patients to possess and obtain cannabis from state-licensed facilities. In fact, according to a recent statewide poll, 70 percent of Florida voters say that they support the passage of the amendment. According to Florida law, 60 percent of voters must approve a constitutional amendment in order for it to become law. In November 2014, Floridians narrowly rejected a similar amendment, which received 58 percent of the vote.

More States with Medical Cannabis on 2016 Ballot

missouri states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotMissouri has an initiative pending. New Approach Missouri is under litigation with the courts. The initiative will establish a statewide system for the production and sale of medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. It also provides for limited and regulation of patient’s own cultivation. The initiative imposes a four percent retail tax. Furthermore, all revenue in excess of the cost of regulating the medical cannabis program will go to help Missouri’s veterans. The initiative maintains the current prohibition on public use and driving under the influence. Additionally, the Department of Health and Senior Services will institute a seed-to-sale tracking system to ensure that the product and money do not reach the illicit market. The initiative puts the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in charge of licensing and implementation. But also allows the department to contract with other state agencies when necessary for effective and efficient regulation.

montana states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotThe state of Montana has initiative I-182, Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative, on the 2016 ballot. The initiative will repeal the limit of three patients for each licensed provider. Furthermore, allowing providers to hire employees to cultivate, dispense, and transport medical marijuana. I-182 repeals the previous law that physicians who provide certifications for 25 or more patients annually be referred to the board of medical examiners. I-182 removes the authority for law enforcement to conduct unannounced inspections of medical marijuana facilities but requires annual inspections by the state.

Two States to Go

nd states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotNorth Dakota has its act for the ballot. The North Dakota Compassionate Care Act 2016 will permit patients with an eligible debilitating condition to possess and obtain marijuana (up to three ounces) and marijuana-specific preparations under a doctor’s written certification. The act will also establish a statewide regulatory system for the creation of licensed ‘compassionate care centers.’ Patients (or their caregivers) who do not live in close proximity to such centers may cultivate up to eight marijuana plants in an enclosed, secured facility.

oklahoma states with medical cannabis on 2016 ballotThe Oklahoma voters will be voting yea or nay on State Question 788. Proponents are currently challenging the attorney general’s rewording of the ballot title. In the first place, the legal challenge could force the issue to be decided in a special election after November 8. The Act establishes a state-licensing system for permitted eligible patients to possess and cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Those who do not possess such a license face civil fines but not criminal penalties. The Act also establishes a state-regulated system for growing and dispensing medical cannabis. Marijuana sales will have taxes imposed.

Many thanks to NORML for their continuing efforts to educate and reform cannabis laws, in specific, medical marijuana laws. Please pay them a visit and tell them we sent you. In conclusion, please get out and vote and particularly you state with medical cannabis on 2016 ballot. Equally important is your comments. Please leave your comments at the bottom of the page. Many regards.

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