Medicinal Cannabis Facts

Have you wondered why U.S. Federal Government deems illegal and yet some states allow it for medicinal purpose? We want to share that information.

Hello and welcome to Medicinal Cannabis,

Understanding medicinal cannabis facts or marijuana and how is it beneficial to our health. Why have we not medicinal cannabis facts bannerknown about this before? What evidence is there? These are some of the questions that I had when I first started looking into the subject of medicinal cannabis.

Our Overview

There is more misinformation than facts about cannabis. Medicinal Cannabis website is providing the content herein for educational purposes. We do not grow or manufacture any products that are represented within this website. We do not condone violating any laws pertaining to cannabis/marijuana.
It is the hope of this website to bring the facts about cannabis and the many medicinal benefits of its use. You should be able to get the information needed to make responsible choices for your own health care.

Medicinal Cannabis Facts and our health:

As a teenager and young man in the 70’s, we did not think of marijuana or pot as having any medicinal value. We only knew that we could escape the world in which we lived in for awhile. Afterward, there was no hangover or nasty side effects that came along with alcohol or drugs. Today I am in my 50’s with some medical issues and I want to find medicinal alternatives to all of the pharmaceuticals. Drugs with untold amounts of adverse side effects. My worst issue is that I suffer from severe spasticity in my legs, this is when the muscles become rigid.

Medicinal Cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. “The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors. The mammalian brain houses these receptors. Also throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, consisting of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors.”

I am going to do a lot of quoting here and you can check the links to verify the description. “Cannabinoid receptors are part of the cannabinoid receptor system in the brain. Cannabinoids involve a variety of physiological processes. Specifically appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. Cannabinoid receptors are in a class of cell membrane receptors within the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.”

Why are We in the Dark:

The real truth is that medicinal cannabis/marijuana had been a very large part of medicine. medicinal cannabis factsAccording to Chinese legend, Emperor Shen Neng was one of the first major leaders in the ancient world to officially prescribe marijuana around 2737 B.C. He used a tea to treat various illnesses — including gout, rheumatism, malaria, and poor memory. In addition, the 1868 U.S. Dispensary listed pages of medical uses for tincture of cannabis. “The extract purportedly improved appetite, sexual interest, mental disorders, gout, cholera,  hydrophobia, and insomnia (Wood & Bache 1868). Quoted from Highlights in the History of Cannabis.

The Pure Food and Drug Act, was reported, the first federal law passed to regulate medicinal cannabis/marijuana in 1906. Companies listed cannabis on its’ labels that produced the medicines, as required, so worried people could avoid it. More than 25 states passed laws to prohibit the plant between 1914 and 1925. Legislators passed laws with very little public outcry or debate. Most, if not all, of the anti-cannabis hysteria, did not come from evidence or even any events. Journalist fueled the hysteria. Most of all with their relentless story of fear on drug abuse and addictionThen in 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was passed putting yet another nail in the coffin for medicinal cannabis.

The US Congress Sets Precedence on Medicinal Cannabis

Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. This law creates five schedules to classify substances. The law placed Medicinal Cannabis as a Schedule I drug. Together with heroin, LSD, peyote, ecstasy, acid, and a few others. see article These drugs are “classified as having a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.” 

Nonetheless, I will grant you that we do not know all that there is to know about medicinal cannabis and its medical value. However, what I have read and learned, I can only conclude that our government is treating us like sheep. Being that there is more and more information coming available on the positive benefits of medicinal cannabis and yet they expect us to ignore it. The government will make medical cannabis legal when can figure a way to get revenue from its sale, is my belief. Although I am sure that Big Pharma will continue to lobby against it.

What evidence is there on Medicinal Cannabis?

In fact, the discovery and isolation of THC in 1964 has a resulted in more research being done. Also, researchers are discovering more health benefits about medicinal cannabis.  Prof. Lumir Hanus (see video), along with colleges, discovered the endocannabinoid system in 1992.

Rick Simpson of Phoenix Tears has many testimonies of people that he has been able to help with medicinal cannabis oil.

His video “Run from the Cure” is full of information. I know the video is nearly an hour long. However, Run from the Cure is very well done and you will find it an eye-opener.     

42 thoughts on “Medicinal Cannabis Facts

  1. Very good information. It seems like lab grade THC seems to have great potential to help people. A lot of states in the united states already allow it to be used for medical purposes.

    However i live in new york so i doubt this will happen here any time soon. I can tell my friends who lives in other states to see how much their lives have improved. What other benefits is there to THC?

    • Thank you for the comment. The benefits from cannabis have not all been discovered. One thing that we do know is that compounds in the plant work better than those synthesized in a lab. The Rick Simpson Oil is derived from the whole plant with all the compound such as, THC, CBD, and many others.

      Remember, Pa just legalized cannabis for medicinal uses in 04/16. That came about because of the countless amount of voters hounding our legislators.

  2. In this website content article about the medicinal values of cannabis extract or marijuana are many. According to Wood & Bache 1868, the cannabis extract improved appetite, sexual interest, mental disorders, gout, cholera, hydrophobia, and insomnia. Also the cannabis oil was used on with stomach cancer and the pain relief was a lot better than drugs and the use of chemo treatments. My personal opinion is that the DEA or governmental agencies should approve the medical use of cannabis or marijuana in every state in United States. The website stated that this DEA rescheduling would permit use by prescription from a physician. As of today in Denver, Colorado and a few other states de- scheduling is allowing the use of marijuana for non-medical and recreational use like alcohol. I am personally against the non-medical and recreational use marijuana. Besides the DEA will and government will fight against it’s use in this way. I think the DEA and government fight is because they can not tax and control the distribution of marijuana. What do you think in this reason why DEA and government are a against It?

    The truth or fiction section of website does not work. The video’s are very instrumental in the support of the medical use of marijuana. I feel in the future the medical use of marijuana and the cannabis extract has to be increased. The drugs and chemo treatments are a dangerous approach to treating different cancers and other diseases. We as a society must look for natural remedies in the treatment of the cancers and other diseases.

    • Wow! Thank you for that comment. You are correct about so many stated benefits. The unfortunate thing is that there are limited verifiable records. I am sure that you nailed the reason that cannabis is not yet legal for any reason and that would be, how the gov’t could tax it and big pharma locking up the brakes. They have loads of money to loss if people could heal themselves.

      I am still building the site, and will probably always be adding or changing something. I feel the recreational marijuana is much safer than alcohol.

      Please stop back from time and again!

  3. Hey Man,
    I think that medical marijuana has helped many people. there has been cases were people have been cured from really bad diseases using medical marijuana.

    I think that medically it is good to used but for other thing it is not.

    I had never heard about this information, so it was really helpful.
    Are you going to make more articles of the benefits of medical marihuana?

    • Thank you for the comment, Yes, I will be adding to the site constantly, so please check back from time to time.

  4. I do agree with you here on the benefits we can have by using this natural plant in treating various sicknesses. The problem is there’s a lot of money to be made from Man made medicines which will not change in the foreseeable future.
    But in time and websites like yours, raising public awareness it’s only a matter of time before Governments Worldwide will have to take note.

    • Hello Jeff,
      Thank you for visiting us and for your comments. While I agree that Big Pharma has a lot to do with the legality of medicinal cannabis, I also believe that people can and should be much more vocal with their opinion. I know from my State of Pa, we kept on our legislators until something was done. Now it is the federal government that we need to work on.


  5. Hey Bro.
    I am grateful that you have found a temp. relief from your pain and discomfort….I see you struggle daily with your issues. If this is what can help you, without being “drugged out” with narcotics, then I am always behind you. Narcotics are not always the answer for pain. Vicodin is the #1 choice for pain control and yet is the most highly addictive and abused drug. It is so widely prescribed for pain management even with known addicts!!!! If this helps you and others…go for it!!!!

    • Thank you Sis,
      I do appreciate you visiting my site. I hope that you will share it with others. We can only beat big pharma if we as people stand up and voice our opinion. I am trying to help people to see the truth about medical cannabis.
      Love You,

  6. Hello Bruce

    Just had another look ate your site and I am really impressed with how it has progressed in such a short space of time.
    I think the colour scheme works so well and together the tones compliment each other and are a great choice.

    This is become a great site and you will do well I feel sure

    Best regards


  7. this is quite interesting for in most cases most people have to struggle for their well being and they mostly use to give me pressure of finding them with the right medication. i think this Marijuana is the best medication for them to use

    thanks sir for this creative information please


    • Thank you Jose,

      I appreciate you visiting our website. I am glad to hear that it has given you some insight to medical cannabis. I hope that you will come back, as I am added new information constantly. Please help me by spreading the word of this site.

  8. Incredible, Bruce!
    Imagine, when I opened this link, I was firmly convinced that cannabis would soften up my brain, and cause memory loss!
    Goes to show what information from the web can do-now I know there’s a reason a higher power created this plant in the first place.
    Hope you get a good presence, I think this information needs exposure!

    • Thank you, Therese
      I am glad that you were able to get some good information. I hope that you will come back as I am adding more information regularly. Please help me by sharing this site or page/posts with your friends and your social site(s).


  9. I love that you are bring this information to the public. And I think your point of view is a plus as well, as you are an adult while many of the medicinal sites ive been on are run by 20 year old kids.

    Maybe your point of view will help older generations of people who need help, but are scared or unwilling to try medical marijuana to finally give it a shot.


    • Thank you Jon,

      Your comments are exactly why I chose this subject. I have seen many that have benefited from this awesomw herb. Please help me by sharing my site on your social media.

      Sincerly, Bruce

  10. Hi Bruce,

    Your website is really interesting and the message you are sending out caught my attention. So far, I have been blessed that I haven’t had the need for using medicinal cannabis, or even very little of conventional medicines, but after reading your article I totally agree with you as I am also 100% in favor of feeding and treating ourselves with what nature is giving us. The Incas and Pre-Incas used to swear by herbal medicines, and they were way ahead of us with treating various body issues. So well done Bruce!


    • Hello John,
      I am glad to hear that the message is clear and attention getting. I am also glad to hear that you are blessed with good health. I do appreciate hearing comments such as these.

  11. People trust a pill laced with various toxic chemicals and man-made compounds..just because a man in a white suite says it’s ok. Yet they question an herb that grows on the same soil that we walk on. An herb whose medicinal benefits are well researched and well known.

    I use CBD oil for muscle and nerve pain, and it works wonders. No side effects, just all natural goodness.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    • You are so correct. I think that is mainly due to the false information feed us for many generations. Thanks for your comments.

  12. Great post, Bruce!

    Many people still think cannabis can be used only for recreational purposes. One decade ago, I used to think that way too.

    As far as I know, cannabis users regard it as enjoyable and relaxing without the addictive risks of stimulants. But scientists don’t share the same thoughts since there is growing evidence of its addictive potential. Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970; however, a lot has happened between 1970 and 2017. Recent studies suggest that THC has potential pharmaceutical benefits, so I’m not sure why the growth of cannabis cannot be regulated and the drug classified as controlled medicine in the US. I don’t live in the US, so I’m a little curious about this.

    • While it is true that there are many who only consider cannabis as a recreational drug. Though I disagree that there is evidence to it being addictive. By that, I mean in a physical or chemical dependency. There are those that claim that an urge to want something is an addiction. Basically, lack of self-control is just that. The truth is that the Huge pharmaceutical companies are doing what they can to stop people from being able to treat their own illnesses. That you for commenting. How is cannabis viewed in the middle east?

  13. Cannabis is a no-no in Gulf countries. In Saudi Arabia, for example, there are extremely harsh penalties involved if anyone gets caught distributing cannabis. This can range from jail time to a death penalty (usually by beheading).

  14. Bruce great site. Firstly let me say that I have no problem with recreational marijuana use. After all I was let loose from my parents in the late 1960s!

    I do have a problem with the ‘additives’ that are commonly added and the ‘breeding’ for greatly increased strength – usually via hydroponics. Home grown is best.

    As for medicinal marijuana, in Australia, a lot of anecdotal information has been gathered about the improvement of children with epilepsy. And I don’t believe it can be said that a placebo would work with children.

    In fact, a friend and neighbour has just been licensed to grow, process and sell medicinal marijuana. Lucky them!

    And finally we can blame the Pharmas for the continued fight against marijuana but I believe, in fact, that the start of the anti movement was from the textile industry when hemp was such a useful product and competed against the other fabric crops.

    Again great article.


    • Helen,
      You are right on the money on both counts. Big pharma spends tons of money to fight the legalization. How much money would they lose if people could treat and heal their own ailments? Hemp has so many uses that it is crazy to believe that any government would ban it.

      Thank you for your comments.

  15. Here in good old “mummy” England there is a growing campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis not just for medical but also recreational use.
    For the life of me I cannot see why such a natural plant with so much benifit has been outlawed for well over a century.
    I know of two friends who are prescribed the oral spray called sativex,( one has MS and the other has a severe back problem, he also has an automatic pump inserted directly into his spine giving shots of 5mg of morphine per day) but this is the exception rather than the rule.The only people who really benifit are the people who grow skunk cannabis and sell it for around £200-280 per UK ounce, they of course risk being sent to jail for illegally growing.
    Of course there are the many benifits of the hemp plant itself..I think I read somewhere that it is 25 times stronger than cotton! lasts years longer than cotton/man made fibers and when grown it doesn’t need pesticides for weed (no pun intended) control.
    I would like to see laws passed that allow people to either be prescribed cannaabis for health reasons and for recreational use,allow people to grow maybe a couple of plants for themselves and allow them to be in possession of maybe a couple of ounces without risk of prosecution and tak away the stigma of possession.
    I also think that we have to be careful because of the many different form of super high strength skunk grass and boy are there some wildly different varieties available and even though I have been an advocate for the legalisation for most of my life I still can’t help thinking that there are some mentally vulnerable people who maybe be subsceptible to mental problems with prolonged use of super strength skung grass..BUT..isn’t there always a risk for whichever drug we take and thier possible side effects?
    Legalising cannabis would free up police resources so they can pursue other more harmful drugs such as cocaine et al..allow growing your own plants for your own use as this would stop the BIG growers from making pots of money(no pun intended again..sorry).
    I would say more but I think people get the picture..goverments around the world need to seriously think again about legalising such a wonderful natural plant.
    Have a great day wherever you are in the world
    From husheechee here in sunny Norfolk England and “keep between the hedges”

    • Hello Paul,
      Thank you for your awesome comments. I agree with all of your observations. This is why I have gone through the expense and time to create this site. It is to educate. Your comments help to add perspective to this site. Thank you again, Bruce

  16. This is one of the most informative sites I have seen on the subject. It is so well written and covers a diverse range of aspects with some truth and vulnerability mixed in.
    The site itself is really nice. I really enjoyed it.

    • Thank you, Aron
      I appreciate your comments and that you were able to find some useful information. I hope to spread the information to as many people as possible to break the propaganda hold on it. Please help me by sharing my link to friends and relatives.

  17. I had one puff of cbd yesterday morning, just because I am trying to get used to it. Most times, I do not like the feeling. Yesterday was no exception. Last night, I took my lyrica at 10:30. Went to bed about 12:30. I tossed and turned. I had nerve pain (not bad) and my typical back/pelvic pain and was just having trouble relaxing, in general. I got out of bed and took a puff from my vape pen. I went directly to bed and felt the relaxing benefits, immediately. I drifted right off to sleep and slept well all night. Hallelujah!

    • I am so very glad that you decided to try it again. I believe that I understand your moral concern. Remember, that God created and gave us all seed bearing plants. I do believe that he knows how it would affect the human body. Get well, stay well! Bruce

  18. I had learnt today, thanks for sharing, Medicinal Cannabis.
    I even know that some soft drink company are using it, soft drink company like coca cola.
    Medicinal Cannabis has some many healing power its contained but it because of the negative side, people has been looking at, that is why some country are not legalize for usage, some many drug company using it as part of the substance ingredient.
    Any way thank you for beautiful content to learn a secret ideas from.

    I will always check on you to read your latest content about health.


    • Thank you so much for checking in on my site. I am so glad that you were able to learn more about the benefits of cannabis. While there are people who will abuse anything, cannabis is at least not addictive. When my siblings and I were growing up, our parents would give blackberry wine for a cough and fever. I also know that that can be used to an extreme. I seriously appreciate your comments.


    • I do not believe that Hemp seed oil has the same properties as the oil derived from the bud of the Hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is a great source for Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids Hope this was helpful.

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